Are you looking for smart, energy-saving products for your Texas home? You’ll get them with ThermaShield! We offer the high-quality cork products you need to ensure that you’re always getting the most for your investment. These are some of the advantages of using our modern cork products: 

  • Cork is fire-resistant. 

If you’re concerned about safety, then cork is a great choice. It not only won’t spread fires, but will also act as a fire retardant. 

  • Cork won’t trigger allergies.

Unlike many materials, cork doesn’t contain many potential irritants. Thus, it’s a great choice if you suffer from allergies.

  • Cork is flexible. 

Cork’s flexibility also makes it a highly versatile product. In fact, it can be bent extremely far without breaking.

  • Cork is waterproof.

Concerned about potential water damage? Cork offers a reliable solution. Cork’s surface provides strong resistance to water infiltration.

  • Cork resists mold and mildew.

Worried about mold and mildew growth? Cork is the answer. Neither mold nor mildew can develop on a cork surface.

  • Cork is an acoustic insulator.

Tired of outside noise? Cork provides highly effective soundproofing wherever it is used.

  • Cork is a thermal insulator.

Cork provides a heat shield to the trees it covers. In our products, it provides you with the same surface. Indeed, cork offers exceptional resistance to heat.

  • Cork is lightweight.

Since it consists of eight-tenths air, cork has an extremely low density, making it one of the more lightweight materials.


  • Cork trees are never cut down to make cork spray.
  • When trees are 40-50 years old, the cork is first harvested.
  • The bark regrows every 8-9 years.
  • Harvesting cork allows trees to live for 200-500 years.
  • The extraction process releases oxygen into the environment.

This means that cork is extracted and produced without environmental impact.

Energy Efficient

  • Cork is a natural thermal barrier.
  • It won’t freeze or reach a temperature over 86 degrees F.
  • Buildings that don’t have ThermaShield lose 35% of heat and coolness through their walls and 25% through their roofs.
  • ThermaShield can cut your energy use.
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