The Benefits of Cork

Cork is a unique material that has many advantages for Texas construction projects:

  • Lightness

Cork has low density as a result of its high air content.

  • Elasticity

 Even if cork is damaged, it will recover its original volume.

  • Non-Slip

Cork has mini-suction cups along the bottom. The cups keep it in place so it doesn’t slide.

  • High Impermeability

Liquid and gases are usually unable to penetrate cork.

  • Fire Retardant

Cork does not spread flames or produce incandescent particles.

  • Absorbs Impacts

If something strikes cork, then the force is dispersed, reducing potential damage.

  • Flexibility

Cork will mold itself to fit any material to which it is applied.

  • Ease of Use

Changing the amount of water in cork can make it softer and more elastic, and thus easier to use.

  • Low Water Content

Cork has little moisture, which keeps it safe from pests.

  • Heat Insulation

Because of its dryness, non-conductivity, and unique structure, cork provides 30 times more heat insulation than concrete. 

  • Acoustic Insulation

Cork reduces noise by 8-12 decibels when it is on one surface, and even more when it’s on multiple surfaces.

  • Non-Toxic

Cork is non-toxic and also has a long track record of safety.

  • Balance with Nature

Cork is removed when a tree is 40 years old, and then once every 9 years. This extends the life of a tree to 200 years or more.

  • Habitat

Cork trees provide protection to a variety of plants and animals.

  • Environmental Improvement

When the bark is removed from a cork tree, it releases oxygen, which supports a healthy environment.

  • Ecological Sustainability

Cork can be obtained and used with little to no environmental impact.

The Unique Structure of Cork

Heat resistant product demonstration video

Plant cells do not have thick walls like animal cells do. They also don’t have the joints associated with animal tissue. In fact, cork cells are connected by tubes and other channels that penetrate the walls. This encourages the free exchange of air molecules. Thus, cork has a very different structure than other materials. 

Cork can provide the eco-friendly solution that your clients are looking for, along with superior insulation qualities. That’s why cork is a great choice for your next Texas construction project. If you’d like to learn more about our products, then get in touch with us today! 

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